Gold and Turquoise – A Match Made in Heaven

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Turquoise is considered by many to be one of the most valuable gems in the world. It’s universally considered to be both rare and valuable. It also one of the very first gemstones ever discovered by humans. As early as 7,500 years ago, turquoise jewelry was worn by the upper classes of different cultures all around the world. From Egypt to Persia, the Indus Valley to Tibet, and Native America to the Aztecs of the south, turquoise was a mainstay of fashion among royalty. From kings to tribal leaders, unknown merchants to great historical figures, turquoise was not only considered valuable and beautiful but spiritual as well.

It wasn’t always all about the visual allure, however. Different cultures hold very similar beliefs about this precious gem. Many cultures believe turquoise was brought to Earth by heavenly beings, and that it grants the wearer good luck, health, and wealth. There are records from ancient times of how turquoise was grounded into powder form and either applied to the body or ingested to cure ailments such as stomach disorders or counteract the effects of toxic poisons from snakes and arachnids. Even soldiers from the Roman army during the height of the Roman Empire had turquoise on their armor as a form of protection.

Gold, on the other hand, has had an even longer history than turquoise, with perhaps a more illustrious relationship with humanity. No one really knows when gold was first discovered by humanity, though traces of it have been found on paintings in caves from as early as 40,000 BC. The metal is considered valuable for a variety of reasons, including scarcity, its aesthetic attributes, its physical attributes, and its role as a store of wealth. It has been mentioned in the Bible, used as a standard of wealth and currency in different economic systems, been adorned by royalty and common men alike, and even today works to shape our history, from the financial to the artistic.

From the beauty of each, and the fact that they both have compelling histories, it’s no wonder that the two are a great match. In fact, their compatibility has been recognized by many. Modern celebrities have been spotted wearing jewels combining both gold and turquoise as a fashion statement numerous times. Notable examples are Sara Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Eva Mendez, Scarlett Johansson, and Alicia Keys. The unique combination of these two heavenly pieces of jewelry is being recognized in fashion circles as the ultimate combination of earthly and heavenly beauty.

Here at, we have developed quite a fondness for the combo of gold and turquoise. As you probably know, we have always thought the fusion silver and turquoise was beautiful for its reasons. However, the combo of gold and turquoise has stole our hearts. For starters, the two colors of golden yellow and turquoise blue are undeniably beautiful. A well selected piece of gold and turquoise jewelry can make any outfit look stunning. Second, while turquoise represents the meeting of sky and water, gold represents fire and sky, giving both a heavenly aura while firmly grounding them each. Both pieces of jewelry are also extremely rare, giving their unique combination even more value. All our jewelry aims to capture the essence of this combination, working to give your outfit the radiance of a god or goddess.

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  • I own in rock form Leander county spider blue matrix turquoise! Bought these stones in 1982 from the miner himself! Who cuts turquoise out of these rocks!

    Moe Francis on

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