Oxidized Silver Natural Desert Lavender Bangle Bracelet by Lorenzo Juan

  • $96.99

This simple stamped overlay bangle bracelet features a single very rare light blue Gobi Desert Lavender turquoise with a dark brown matrix.

Gobi desert lavender is a new type of turquoise mine discovered in the Gobi desert near Kazakhstan, on the west side of the Altai Mountains. This turquoise is known for its unique pale grey and light purple lavendar color with brown or red matrix running through the stone. The Gobi Desert Lavender has gained mmense amount of popularity from 2017, when it's first introduced to the American market.

Lorenzo lives in Church Rock, NM and works out of Gallup, NM. He is a Navajo silversmith, who absolutely loves what he does. He has been silversmithing for 42 years since 1969. His first creations were making beaded silver work and over the time, he has gained knowledge and experience. He told us that has come a long way into making more complicated high end work. The style of jewelry that he enjoys making the most right now is the petroglyph overlay, which he takes his time making and according to him: "In the end, it is worth the time. If done right, it will look amazing! "

My Philosophy:
I choose every piece of jewelry based on the value of the stone. Unlike most of the Turquoise on the market, the stone has to be high quality (not stabilized, not color treated and not reconstituted).
I also love jewelry with unique character and great craftsmanship. What this means is that you are getting jewelry that is a showstopper and not to mention a great investment.

6-1/2" inside circumference including a 1-1/8" opening

Stone Measurements:
1/2" x 3/8"

14 grams

Suggested Retail Price:

I take all photos under natural light (without photoshop) to make sure the jewelries look as realistic as possible.

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