Old Pawn Handmade Super Rare Lone Mountain Turquoise Ring Size 6

  • $120.99

This simple but beautiful sterling silver ring features a single very rare blue Lone Mountain turquoise with an even brown webbing.

Lone Mountain turquoise range from clear blue to dark blue spider web. The most sought after Lone Mountain turquoise are the dark blue with black spider web matrix. Most of the turquoise that come out of Lone Mountain these days are gray blue or robin's egg blue. The dark blue with black spider web are very rare to find.

Lone Mountain is known for its ability to hold its beautiful blue color, even after decades of use, unlike other turquoise, who tend to slowly turn light green. It's also harder than most turquoise. These characteristics, make Long Mountain ideal for jewelry making.

The Lone Mountain Turquoise Mine is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. Due to the unsafe history of mining there, Lone Mountain hasn't been too actively mined in recent years.

For the above reasons, Lone Mountain turquoise is some of the most valued turquoise in the world.

Old Pawn

My Philosophy:
I choose every piece of jewelry based on the value of the stone. Unlike most of the Turquoise on the market, the stone has to be high quality (not stabilized, not color treated and not reconstituted).
I also love jewelry with unique character and great craftsmanship. What this means is that you are getting jewelry that is a showstopper and not to mention a great investment.

Size 6 Ring measures 3/4" x 3/4"

Stone Measurements:
3/4" x 3/4"

7 grams

Suggested Retail Price:

I take all photos under natural light (without photoshop) to make sure the jewelries look as realistic as possible.

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