Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Waterfall Necklace Pansy Johnson

  • $1,800.99

This waterfall necklace features clusters of beautiful and very rare AAA Grade Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabs (rare, polished, natural).

Sleeping Beauty turquoise comes in a pure sky blue or robin's egg blue color and is relatively stable and suitable for jewelry making.

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine, located in Globe, Arizona, is one of the most famous turquoise mines and produces some of the most desirable turquoise in the world due to the purity of its color. The mine closed for a second time (first time in the early 1960s) in August 2012, which has skyrocketed the price of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

The mine's name comes from the mountain the mine is located in, which from far away looks like a sleeping woman lying on her back with her arms crossed.

Pansy Johnson is a silversmith living in Gallup, NM. She was born in the 60's. In 1975, she learned how to silversmith when major fashion designers and celebrities began wearing turquoise and silver. The popularity of turquoise and silver in the 70's helped Pansy understand the nationwide demand for Native American jewelry. She began to make traditional Navajo silver work at a very young age and she made her first paycheck from silversmithing during high school. Her silversmithing talent was influenced by her silversmith parents. Her cluster silver work is often compared with Emma Lincoln's. Her precision in setting mini stones makes her work stand out as one of the best known Navajo cluster artists.

My Philosophy:
I choose every piece of jewelry based on the value of the stone. Unlike most of the Turquoise on the market, the stone has to be high quality (not stabilized, not color treated and not reconstituted).
I also love jewelry with unique character and great craftsmanship. What this means is that you are getting jewelry that is a showstopper and not to mention a great investment.

Circumference measures 33-3/4" with longest point extending out 6-1/2"

Stone Measurements:
Cluster of mini stones.

129 grams

Suggested Retail Price:

I take all photos under natural light (without photoshop) to make sure the jewelries look as realistic as possible.

I will ship it out to you nicely packaged within 1 business day via USPS. All packages are insured.

Return Policy:
I want you to enjoy your Toqos jewelry. In case you are not satisfied with your item, you can return it within 14 days. All I ask for is that you send it back in perfect condition within that time frame.
Kindly note that I unfortunately cannot process international returns & exchanges at this time: all international sales are final.

Contact Me:
If you're unsure about caring of your jewelry, wonder if it's right for you or have any other questions.
Don't hesitate - just message me.

NewåÊ-åÊ100% Navajo Handmade

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