Classy Large Sterling Silver Super Rare Demele Turquoise Dangle Earrings

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This very classy set of sterling silver earrings features two medium oval super rare light green Demele Turquoise stones with dark military green webbing. Mona's work is so romantic that it takes beholder's breath away.

The Damele mine is located outside of Austin Nevada. A miner name Benny Damele discovered the Damele mine in the 1970's. Around the mine there are nearby mines such as the Dry Creek mine and the Godber mine. Miner Clyde Wright acquired the mine before the Cotners. Wright mined and operated the mine for almost 20 years. Wright sold the mine to Tony Cotner (died early 2016). Tony was a passionate lapidarist and miner, and he brought the mine to its prime in the 21st century when high end jewelry makers began to use this material in their designs. Since Tony's pass, this mine is not longer mined nor active. His sisters has inherited the mine and kept little material in his late collection. The damele material consist turquoise, variscite and faustite Damele and is highly collectible. The damele is a quite hard and with high density. Unlike regular turquoise, the damele can be brought to high polish with less polishing effort. The color ranges from yellow, gold, lime green, dark green and gray with earthy brown matrix and spiderweb.

"Mona Van Riper was raised in Santa Fe and in Taos, New Mexico. She began silversmithing at the Mabel dodge Lujan House in Taos in 1976. Making and designing jewelry has been a constant in her life ever since.

Mona's early jewelry was heavy stamped navajo style made from hand-cast ingots and coins. Over the years her style has developed into a more sophisticated and contemporary look while maintaining her signature old-world flavor. In 1992 Mona introduced engraving into her work which has given her jewelry a broader appeal.

Currently Mona's unique jewelry is made from sterling silver in combination with 18 karat gold overlays and engraving. She often uses rare and very high-grade custom cut turquoise in her pieces. Mixing precious and semi-precious stones also gives her jewelry a timeless look.

"I find making and designing jewelry exciting. There is always something new to learn".

In 1993 Mona won first place in the Silver Division in the New Mexico Jewelers Association Jewelry Design Competition. She also received the Enchantment Award in the same competition.
In 1994 Mona took second place in the Gold and Platinum Division of the New Mexico Jeweler's Design Competition."

Our Philosophy:
We choose every piece of jewelry based on the value of the stone. Unlike most of the Turquoise on the market, the stone has to be high quality (not stabilized, not color treated and not reconstituted).
We also love jewelry with unique character and great craftsmanship. What this means is that you are getting jewelry that is a showstopper and not to mention a great investment.

2-1/4" x 3/4"

Stone Measurements:
2/3" x 1"

24 grams

Suggested Retail Price:

We take all photos under natural light (without photoshop) to make sure the jewelries look as realistic as possible.

We will ship it out to you nicely packaged within 1 business day via USPS. All packages are insured.

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