Beautiful Large Sterling Medium-Clustered Desert Lavendar Statement Necklace

  • $4,752.99

This extremely elegant statement necklace features 5 panels of medium clustered light blue Desert Lavender turquoise stones with a beautiful white and brown matrix that can be adjusted from long necklace to choker style.

Paul Livingston was born in 1954 and has spent his entire life in the Navajo Church Rock Reservation where he grew up watching with fascination as his silversmith Uncle crafted raw metal and stone into beautiful jewelry. Through trial and error and a great deal of help from his Uncle, Paul became a fairly accomplished young jewelry maker. By the time he was 22 years old he was ready to launch himself full time into becoming a silversmith. Today nearly 40 years later Paul is a nationally known and collected jewelry artist. He is particularly known for a style of jewelry most silversmiths shy away from - cluster and row work, where multiple tine stones are used together to form delicate, colorful designs in jewelry. Paul is happy to work with the little stones, even the tiny snake eye" ones and is renowned for how exquisitely aligned the stone clusters are on his jewelry.

Even at his age Paul continues to experiment with jewelry techniques and design styles. He especially enjoys working with unusual textures created on metals and will often incorporate a new surface finish or other design application to see if these changes might enhance the jewelry's appearance and appeal. Though his forte has always been more traditional even vintage looking Navajo-style jewelry, his contemporary designs are also in high demand. The intricate saw work design of these pieces is especially difficult to achieve, but so very visually appealing in Paul's finished jewelry.

My Philosophy:
I choose every piece of jewelry based on the value of the stone. Unlike most of the Turquoise on the market, the stone has to be high quality (not stabilized, not color treated and not reconstituted).
I also love jewelry with unique character and great craftsmanship. What this means is that you are getting jewelry that is a showstopper and not to mention a great investment.

thickest area measures 2", thinnest area measures 1"; total length measures 28", chain measures 14"

Stone Measurements:
largest stone measures 1" x 5/8"

255 grams

Suggested Retail Price:

I take all photos under natural light (without photoshop) to make sure the jewelries look as realistic as possible.

I will ship it out to you nicely packaged within 1 business day via USPS. All packages are insured.

Return Policy:
I want you to enjoy your Toqos jewelry. In case you are not satisfied with your item, you can return it within 14 days. All I ask for is that you send it back in perfect condition within that time frame.
Kindly note that I unfortunately cannot process international returns & exchanges at this time: all international sales are final.

Contact Me:
If you're unsure about caring of your jewelry, wonder if it's right for you or have any other questions.
Don't hesitate - just message me.

NewåÊ-åÊ100% Navajo Handmade

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